Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sunbeam had been sick since Thursday, possibly since Wednesday but it was so hot, I thought she was warm due to the weather. Anyway, sick with fever ranging from 40.2 down to 38+. She was happy and active between fevers and medicines would bring the fever down after about half an hour or so.
On Saturday, no fever for several hours, so I thought she was ok and decided not to take her to the doctor. I was able to speak with the pediatrician and she warned me that a trip to the emergency room was a possibility if she was no longer active and happy. Of course, as soon as the clinics closed, she was hot again, and was getting more lethargic. I gave her some medicine and the next bout of fever came too soon after to give some more. She got weaker and only wanted to sleep. So my only recourse, other than the hospital, was a quick, intense prayer to Baba to please take care of her great grandchild. Well, in ten minutes, her fever broke. After an hour, it was completely gone. The next morning, she had a low 38+ fever which went away with some paracetamol. And since then, nothing. Thanks, Baba!

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