Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Three-year old Sunshine's prayer: Thank you Papadios for not letting... Mom, what's his name again?... Not letting King Herod kill the Baby Jesus.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Upper row, from left: Sunbeam's cowgirl boots, Sunshine's single-wheel skate shoes, my yummy super-high heels with the pink soles, S' big-as-a-boat shoes; Lower row, from left: Sunbeam's yellow hand-me-down crocs, Sunbeam's green fake crocs.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have cooked up the idea of of the comfort and joy of our little family.

Happy Thanksgiving.

*Forgot to post this entry on Thanksgiving!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Our neighbors have really nice kids who are a few years older than Sunshine and Sunbeam but always take the time to greet and play with them.
Several weeks ago, they were the only ones left in the playground but they were having a blast taking turns on the bike: one would ride while the other one would pull on a length of rope attached to the bike.
They had fun running around, I had fun watching them, and they were exhausted afterwards and got ready for bed with minimal whining.


Both kids were running through the department store, touching everything in sight. One announced she had to go poopoo. Ran through the floor to buy a pack of wipes, made it to the bathroom but right outside she saw a car she wanted to drive and refused to go to the potty. So we left. After two minutes, he announced that he had to go poopoo. We made it back to the bathroom in time, and then they were off again, pulling toys off shelves to show me they wanted to buy it for this friend or that cousin. They were tugging opposite ways on their harnesses and then Sunbeam runs up behind me, tugs my shirt and says softly, shyly, "Love you, Mom."