Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Before I slurp my vegetable miso ramen, I lift my eyes and thank God for this hearty, soul-satisfying bowl of goodness. It's a rich, spicy broth with chewy noodles, vegetables, large cloves of burnt garlic, topped with a smidgen of bright red chili paste, all cooked by an incredibly cranky chef/owner. He sometimes run out of soup and has to close early- it's that good.
S and I crave this soup every two weeks or so. All other bowls pale in comparison. So we had our fix today over a quick lunch, and I scarfed down my bowl, despite a rather heavy mid-morning snack!

We had some unexpected good news later in the day, and treated ourselves to dinner at an old Japanese favorite. Prices had gone up (!) but the food was as good as ever. It's always nice to come back to a place where they greet you and they know how you like your extra condiments!

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