Saturday, January 16, 2010


Reading to my kids is a pleasure I often take for granted. Hey, I'm human, and an exhausted one at that! And reading before bedtime means reading many, many books, or reading the same book many, many times. Twelve is not an exaggeration.
But taking a minute to think about it, it's such a comforting, loving experience for both parent and child. The weight of a kid (or two) on my lap, the warm, wiggly body leaning against mine, the head tucked under my chin when relaxed and engrossed in the story, the arms entwined with mine, the hands holding my hands or sucking a thumb... And the questions and comments are funny, observant, and so imaginative!
Whenever S reads to the kids, he always takes the time to explain and ad lib with exciting details and cartoon voices and sound effects. He also correlates the stories with something in the kids' lives to keep things relevant.
I love the contrast between S's large hands and Sunshine's little 4-year old ones!


  1. ans, what story book is that? looks more like a coffee table book!

  2. Haha you got me there. I have no idea what they're reading!