Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Pasalubong is a Tagalog word referring to a present given by someone who arrives from a trip. I received a call this evening from our neighbor, Sunny. He and his mom had just arrived from a trip to Taiwan, and lo and behold, he brought me back a bottle of sesame paste.
A few years ago, Sunny and I searched Manila for this ingredient but never found it. We both waxed nostalgic over the Dandan Noodle dish in Cathay Pacific's Hong Kong Airport Lounge. I've surfed, researched, and even asked a flight attendant for the recipe, to no avail. Thick, soupy, spicy and soul-satisfying, the closest recipes I've found require a sesame paste.
I know what the next kitchen experiment is going to be! Whether or not it lives up to our CX Lounge expectations remains to be seen. Whatever the result, the thoughtfulness of friends is definitely something to be thankful for.
A side note: Isn't the logo just a reversed fat version of Safeway's? http://www.safeway.com/IFL/Grocery/Home

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