Sunday, January 24, 2010


When I started having kids four years ago, I decided to close up my graphic design office and work from the house. I still do some design work but I mostly bake desserts, pastries, flatbreads which I sell at a weekly outdoor market. I've been selling there about three years and I've met some great people, made some really good friends.
We had a late Christmas get-together with a headgear theme. Here are a few snapshots of some of the people I work with, or rather, of their heads.
The one with the orange headthingie (it's her daughter's teddybear's hat), has recently become a close friend. She is a fantastic baker, and I'm hoping her meticulousness rubs off on me someday soon. The one in the luminous green wig, she is my image of charity, compassion, and long-suffering, not to mention one of the best put-together women I know. The one in the platinum blond wig is a great listener, an animated storyteller and always, always has wise words to share. The lady in the striped hat taught me how to teach my children faith and prayer. The guy in the haciendero hat (who lacked a cigar to complete the look) has given me lots of early morning cheer, with his always happy demeanor. I admire the one with the fuschia hat for her hard work and persistence.
Great people, great workplace!

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