Saturday, January 1, 2011


Amongst family and friends, the year 2010 was an unprecedented one of separation, enmity, illness, financial difficulty, betrayal, loss, death.
I began this post some weeks ago wondering how to give thanks, for what can I give thanks?
After some reflection, it came to me quite easily:
I give thanks with hope for brighter days, with faith that there is a grand plan for us all, and with prayer to bring all that into fruition.
And I give thanks that the year's episodes of bitterness and grief were liberally sprinkled with bright pinpoints of goodness: friendship, forgiveness, unity, healing, reconciliation, and love.
Always, always gratitude for the love we find within ourselves and others, without which our decisions are ill-conceived, our lives unfulfilled.
Here I am, on the cusp of the new year, thankful for a new beginning, for second chances.
And so I welcome 2011 with some trepidation but with open arms. May you bring all the blessings we dream of.

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